Highly durable. Highly economical.

A concealed ceiling system is probably the most widely used metal tile ceiling system, and are often suspended from the soffit. It has no visible grid and can integrate lighting, ventilation and smoke detectors. Various acoustic requirements can also be met.

The ceiling tiles are clipped into a concealed spring tee then are automatically leveled in the grid. The robust grid system can be easily installed and tiles can be removed and replaced for access to services.

Our Concealed Clip-in Ceiling System incorporates many features to provide an economic solution to most ceiling requirements. Comprehensive ranges of the most popular sizes and perforation patterns are held in stock, together with the necessary grid components.

Offices Choice of tile edge detail
Classrooms Standard sizes ex-stock
Laboratories Ceiling takes up minimal void space
Hospitals Simple downward access
Airports Services easily integrated
Other commercial installations Excellent fire performance
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