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An exposed ceiling system is ideal for commercial establishments, especially for retail stores and restaurants. It adds a distinctive character to the interior design of a space, which is a valuable asset for businesses that want to make a solid impression on their customers. If you are looking for ceiling tiles suppliers in Dubai and UAE that provide high-quality products, on-time delivery, and affordable prices, then GTI is definitely the supplier that can help you.

We offer an innovative system and design for ceilings

With an exposed ceiling, the sounds bounce off and are not absorbed. This may be a disadvantage for those who value the acoustics of a space. Many restaurants, however, prefer this set-up because the noise provides a subtle cover for conversations. Experts recommend this design for retail businesses that want to create a “warehouse feel” for their store, which is often associated with affordability and practicality.

If you are a business owner or a contractor that prefers this design, then GTI is the ceiling tiles supplier that can provide you exactly what you’re looking for. We do not just supply lay-in tile products for the ceilings – we offer a complete solution in the form of innovatively designed exposed ceiling systems.

Our exposed suspension system for ceilings is preferred by many because of its impressive load capacity, design flexibility, and remarkable stability. With the special stitch design of GTI T-grids, you can expect a robust and sound structure for your commercial space.

We feature a wide range of tile options

Our product line of lay-in tiles is made of steel and aluminium. For versatility in design, these can be made to be plain or perforated. Perforated tiles can have holes that are straight or diagonal in pattern and with varying designs. The tiles can be painted, pre-coated, and powder coated.

Whatever your building requirements are, simply let us know and we will promptly start on the process to provide the materials you need. As one of UAE’s leading ceiling tiles suppliers, you can expect us to give our 100% commitment to give you exceptional products and unparalleled service.

Offices Attractive appearance.
Hospitality Easy access to the service areas,
Healthcare Surface of panel has perforations to aid in sound absorption
Retail Easy maintenance.
Healthcare Cleanable surfaces




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