Ceiling Systems from One of UAE’s Top Suspended Ceiling Companies

Suspended ceilings are a popular option for homes and offices because it offers numerous practical and economic advantages. If you are interested in installing this type of ceiling for your home or office in UAE, GTI’s innovative line of T-Grid suspension systems is what you need.

The advantages of a suspended ceiling for Abu Dhabi homes and businesses

Suspended ceilings are a practical method of concealing the actual ceiling and all the complex duct-work, pipes, and wiring intricately attached to it. It is easy to install and remove, which is convenient when access is needed to repair the hidden wrings, pipes, and air duct systems. Suspended ceilings, also known as dropped ceilings, are the best option when you want to soundproof a space, as these naturally block the sounds resonating from the floor above it. In addition, dropped ceilings offer versatility in design as there is a variety of patterns and colours available for ceiling tiles.

How GTI products make building a high-quality suspended ceiling in UAE possible

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi and high-end technologies available, our experts at GTI have designed T-grids that provide robust and durable support for dropped ceilings: Cross Tee, Main Tee, and L-Angle suspensions. Made from galvanized steel and covered with anti-bacterial coating, these T-grids do not easily corrode, require minimal maintenance, and can last for a couple of decades or more. The T-Grid systems we offer are complete with the necessary accessories – wedge anchor, adjustable spring clip, hanger wires, and clips for ceilings. By providing a complete and high-quality T-Grid system, GTI enables contractors and engineering firms to efficiently complete their projects, allowing them to save on costs and time.




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