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Concealed/Clip-In Ceiling System

A concealed ceiling system is probably the most widely used metal tile ceiling system, and are often suspended from the soffit. It has no visible grid and can integrate lighting, ventilation, and smoke detectors. Various acoustic requirements can also be met.

The ceiling tiles are clipped into a concealed spring tee then are automatically leveled in the grid. The robust grid system can be easily installed and tiles can be removed and replaced for access to services.

Our Concealed Clip-in Ceiling System incorporates many features to provide an economic solution to most ceiling requirements. Comprehensive ranges of the most popular sizes and perforation patterns are held in stock, together with the necessary grid components.

Applications, Features & Benefits

Offices Choice of tile edge detail
Classrooms Standard sizes ex-stock
Laboratories Ceiling takes up minimal void space
Hospitals Simple downward access
Airports Services easily integrated
Other commercial installations Excellent fire performance
Building material manufacturer | Ceiling system

Applications, Features & Benefits

Finish Coating / Material Standard

The coating on the tiles conform to ECCA standards and performed as per European norms: EN 1396 specifications. Aluminum alloy / temper:3005 / 3105 – H24, as per ASTM B 209 M.

Fire Classification

Class 1 Surface spread of flame as per BS 476: Part 7: 1997
Class A Surface spread of flame as per ASTM E84-16

Building material manufacturer | CONCEALED / CLIP-IN CEILING SYSTEM Coating & Material standard
Finish Raw Material

Surface Finish- Plain / Perforated / Decorative Face Patterns

Building material manufacturer | CONCEALED / CLIP-IN CEILING SYSTEM DIAGRAM
Building material manufacturer | CONCEALED / CLIP-IN CEILING SYSTEM DIAGRAM
Raw Material

Aluminum Alloy as per ASTM B – 209 / Zinc plated. Galvanized Steel as per ASTM A653. Stainless Steel ( Brush / Mirror ).

Concealed/Clip-In Ceiling System Components

Material : Galvanized Iron as per ASTM A653M/ Aluminum as per ASTM B209M Indirect Hung as per ASTM C635M/ASTM C636M

Building material manufacturer | spring-tee

Spring Tee

Concealed Ceiling Carrier
(Spring tee) 0.45/0.5 mm thickness 3 mtr, 4 mtr Length.

Building material manufacturer | Main-Channel

Main Channel

Galvanized Iron (GI): BS EN 10346:2009

Manufacturing Standard : BS EN 10162 : 2003 / BS EN 14195 : 2005 ASTM C645 / C645 M.

Coating Type: Z120, Z180 & Z275 as per ASTM A653 /A653M.

Building material manufacturer | Edge trim Perimeter - C Channel

Perimeter Channel / Edge Trim / C-Channel

“U” shaped channel fixed on the walls, edging at right angles to the panel. Color and finish to match the panel.

Building material manufacturer | w-angle plain tab

W – Angle (Plain/Tab)

Galvanized Steel Prepainted Polyester Coating W-Angle (Plain/Tab), same color finishing as the tiles.

RAL 9003 / 9010

Description Reference/ID Dimensions (mm) Thickness (mm) Color
Plain/Perforated Aluminum GCIT B4 300x600
0.6/0.7/0.8 RAL-9003 / RAL-9010
(Other Colors Available)
Spring Tee GTIST 3000
0.45/0.5 Galvanized Iron
Aluminum Edge Trim GTIET38 3000
(Custom length available)
0.6/0.7 RAL-9003 / RAL-9010
(Other Colors Available)
Main Channel GI 38 GTIMC38 3000
(Custom length available)
0.45 - 1.5 Galvanized Iron


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Building material manufacturer | Installation - Concealed Clip In Ceiling system

Installation Steps

Step 1

Mark the wall

Using the water level or laser method, mark the desired height on the wall.

Step 2

Attach Edge Trim / U-shape or W-shape

Using screws and nails, fix the Edge Trim on the walls at the marked height.

Step 3

Complete the grid

Mark the required distance intervals then proceed to fix the suspension system using the main channel maximum spaced @ 1200mm O.C and spring Tee spaced @ 600mm O.C, connected with wire clips or screwed, according to the approved layout.

Step 4

Attach the hanging support

Fixing Hanging wires 3mm/4mm with adjustable clip and channel bracket or channel support from soffit of slab with Ceiling Clip and Cartridge or wedge anchor, connected directly to the main channel.

Step 5

Install the tiles

Clip-in the 600mm x 600mm tiles in the correct pattern

Step 6 | Cut the tiles (if necessary)

Cut apertures for lights and other services where required.


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